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Dumpster rental service does not have to be challenging. You just need to use the right business in Memphis, TN. Don’t freak out any longer, call the experts 888-400-5987
. Utilizing a dumpster rental business in your area, like 1 Stop Dumpster Rental, can make the chore of discarding junk less tiresome. If you are looking to rent an effective dumpster for a great price, you came to the right spot.



Whether this is your first rental, or your fifth rental, you still need to do some research to find the right corporation. Cost is important because your top objective is to save money. Besides cost, you want to be sure you work with a corporation that will proficiently get rid of the waste for you in Memphis, TN.

Fully Licensed and Insured Dumpster Rentals

There are several dumpster rental companies in Memphis, TN, however you should use the one that works best for what you need. You need to locate a corporation that puts your best interest first. At 1 Stop Dumpster Rental, we take great pride in being the best in the industry. Why is customer support important?
  • Makes the customer experience better
  • Ensures delivery of dumpsters in a quick and fast manner
  • Helps make buying easier
  • Guarantees issues are resolved quickly
The most effective thing to do is steer clear of the national companies. They only care about making money and won’t provide you with great customer service. When you do things the proper way and work with a local company, your project will be smooth and simple.

Choose a Company that Has a Number of Dumpster Rental Sizes

Price isn’t the only thing you have to think about when you rent a dumpster. What dumpster rental size you need will depend on how much junk you are producing with your project. Thankfully, 1 Stop Dumpster Rental offers several sizes that could work for you: 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard rentals. The most typical order we get in Memphis, TN is for 10 and 20 yard rentals. These little more stream-lined rentals are ideal for storage area projects or small home renovations. We also have the resources to help with large industrial junk removal. We can rent you as many 30 or 40 yard rentals as you want. You can call 888-400-5987
to talk to a specialist to go over which options are great for your needs. Any enterprise or home owner that is thinking about starting a renovation project or doing work on their house will benefit from using 1 Stop Dumpster Rental in Memphis, Tennessee. Give one of our employees a call at 888-400-5987
to start. We are the perfect dumpster rental service to take care of your needs.

Disposal Information for Dumpsters

A lot of people believe that they’re able to throw almost everything away within a dumpster in Memphis, TN. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true. These regulations differ from state to state. When that is the situation, this is when you have to be sure that you get in touch with the specialists at 1 Stop Dumpster Rental at 888-400-5987
who will rent out a dumpster so that you can throw those items away that you might not be able to dispose of on garbage day. The friendly staff at 1 Stop Dumpster Rental can help you understand the regulations that apply to you. There are many materials that you can dispose of along with other materials that you can’t. Much of it will depend on where you live. Part of understanding the items you can’t place in a dumpster in Tennessee is a thing that every customer should fully understand.

Dumpsters and Unpermitted Debris

There are some common materials that should not be thrown in the waste container. Extraordinarily weighty or oversized things can typically not be removed in a dumpster. Non-biodegradable waste material that doesn’t break down might not be accepted either. You can contact 1 Stop Dumpster Rental at 888-400-5987
for a full list of what can and cannot be discarded in your town.

What about Hazardous Materials?

There are other substances that must not be disposed of into a dumpster because of the reason that whenever the dumpster is emptied into a landfill, the harmful chemicals will ooze into the soil and harm our environment. Hazardous materials like these must not be placed in a container for removal. They can have serious negative effects on the planet and even others.
  • Products that need to have electricity
  • Chemical contaminants
  • Gas bottles
  • Auto tires
1 Stop Dumpster Rental requests that their customers abstain from disposing of these materials when they are renting a dumpster. Every state offers a list as to what their landfill will and won’t accept and you need to know what they will permit to be dumped in Tennessee. Determine what materials are allowed or not allowed in Tennessee prior to deciding to make arrangements for your rental. These rules are made to reduce the ecological impact of waste disposal while also protecting the individuals that interact with it. Some things can do real harm. If you happen to understand this and you have a great deal to throw away, you are able to rent a dumpster from them by calling 888-400-5987
and they’ll get you started right away irrespective of where you reside Tennessee.

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